Reclaimed leather. 8 out of 10 cows prefer it.

Reclaimed Leather. 8 out of 10 cows prefer it.

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Hello, is it me you are looking for?

If you are looking for the most amazing bag made JUST FOR YOU, then the answer is definitely yes. And that makes me all fuzzy inside because working with people on bespoke bags and accessories makes me happier than puppy with a box of tissues.

For most of us, a handbag is like a socially acceptable comfort blanket.

We carry photos of loved ones, pictures that the kids have drawn of us with our breasts hanging so low they look like testicles and the origami crane that our boyfriend made from the bar receipt on our first date. You carry calpol and plasters or, if you are feeling lucky, condoms and a half bottle of vodka. The point is that you carry your bag everywhere with you. So it should be AWESOME.

So, how are my custom-made bags awesome?

Because I make them to be a thing of joy just for you! Need some ideas? What about a special pocket sewn into the lining of the bag for those photos of loved ones and little mementos that your little moppets like to give you? Surely something so precious doesn’t deserve to be kicking around at the bottom of your bag with those stray paracetamol and your tampons? And that sequin you managed to pluck from that gorgeous Elvis impersonator’s back – that needs a special place all of its own!!

But what about taking it to the next level?

Do you have a favourite dress that no longer fits you? Have you a stash of your kids clothes up in the loft that you just can’t bear to give away? Wouldn’t it be amazing to see these every single time you open your bag? Fabric with sentimental value can be incorporated into your bag of love and wonder, either as the lining of the bag or maybe inside a pocket, giving you a virtual hug every time you look inside.

Or do you have a leather sofa that you sat on every night to read your kids a story but is now tired looking and sad?

What about the leather chair that was omnipresent in the corner of your parents sitting room for your whole childhood? Or the leather back seat of your car that was unexpectedly responsible for increasing the size of your family (ok, it wasn’t the seat that was responsible. You do know that don’t you? Please don’t make me go through the birds and bees talk again). All these can be crafted into something beautiful, just for you. So that magic nostalgia can live on for years.

If you want the perfect dream bag hand crafted just for you, fill in the form and let's have a chat

I was utterly, completely thrilled with the leather BBQ apron Kat crafted for my BBQ loving husband. It is so well made, and my husband was over the moon to have received it! It means even more because it is eco and ethical - reusing leather, and made by a local artisan! <3
Sarah W-O
My wife and I bought each other handbags from Freckle + Hide and it’s fair to say we both absolutely love them. So well made and perfect. She tailored them to our preference for size and shape and she used an old dress of mine to line the bag. Completely recommend Freckle + Hide.
Jen L-S
I ordered a new wallet for my husband's Christmas and couldn't be more delighted with the result!! We have a beautiful product made from an old sofa and 1952 fabric RAF map. This was a really special present steeped in history and memories. Now it has a new lease of life with us. Plus some beautiful leather didn't end up in landfill which makes me super happy. Thank you so much! We will be back for more at some point in the future! xxx
Ruth H

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