Reclaimed leather. 8 out of 10 cows prefer it.

Reclaimed Leather. 8 out of 10 cows prefer it.

A little peak behind the scenes at Freckle + Hide

The ups and downs, laughter and tears.  The things I find down the back of the sofas and the personalities of the gentle giants that have been rescued.  It’s all here.  You have been warned…..


Please put your hands together for the new addition to the family. Her name is Beatrice. Let me tell you a little bit about her. This little lady came to me about teatime one evening and her modest appearance didn’t give any clues about the trouble she would cause. More of that later though. Beatrice

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Albert’s belt

Leather isn’t just ‘one skin fits all’ you know!! The leather used in my products has generally come from unwanted and unloved sofas, and after many years of warm bottoms sitting on them, by the time they come to me the leather is soft and supple. So tactile you will find yourself petting your F+H

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I’m sorry. Did I keep you hanging on? There is a new sofa on my bench, so get ready for some good times. Let’s hear it for DORIS. Doris was a disco queen through and through. Men swooned at the sight of her funky chicken and her disco finger was as legendary as her spangly

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I’m sorry, have you two met? How rude of me. Let me introduce you to Albert. Albert was abandoned by his previous owners when they bought a new sofa. Unwanted, it looked like he was going to end up in The Dump until a kind man with a van dropped him off to me. It’s

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Are you getting a whiff of Davidoff Cool Water mixed with brylcreem? Then let me introduce you to my latest acquisition. His name is Carl. Carl is suave and sophisticated, at least that’s what he thinks. He is a little older, and a little heavier, than his ego will allow him to believe. He still

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Where did Albert come from?

How did I end up with Albert? Let me tell you about a few things I have learned since I started doing this: Just like everything, there are trends in furniture. At the moment people are getting rid of large, bulky sofas and buying furniture with more of a mid century feel to them. Once

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Plant Hangers

Until about a year ago the only plant I owned was a bonsai tree which which was so unaffected by my constant neglect, scientists are now studying it to see if it holds the key to immortality. Then I managed to grow an avocado plant from a stone and I was hooked. I’m now an

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Let it go

Did you know the plastic bag tax was introduced in Scotland in 2014. 2014 Fraggles!!! The year that everyone was singing “Let it go, let it goooooooo’, Apple announced the Apple watch and Sharknado 2 was released. I think 5p for a plastic bag is pretty fair. It acts as a deterrent but means you

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Choose bags

Choose bags. Choose wallets. Choose handmade. Choose reclaimed leather. Choose a f@£$*&@ big tote that holds the half bottle of vodka you want to sneak into the pub. Choose bumbags and fanny packs, keyrings, wash bags and purses. Choose who you buy from. Choose not to buy a cheap handbag that will end up in

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