Reclaimed leather. 8 out of 10 cows prefer it.

Reclaimed Leather. 8 out of 10 cows prefer it.

For every hero, there is a villan.
Luke and Darth Vadar, Harry Potter and Voldemort, Wesley and Prince Humperdink (inconceivable!).
All the best stories have a goodie and a baddie, and so does Freckle + Hide.

Mrs Freckle

Mrs Freckle is sweeter than a slice of apple pie with extra sugar on top. She loves soft things and can often be found draping kittens around her neck and trying to stuff puppies into her ample pockets. A lover of hot chocolate with whisky and Thai food, daytime drinking and being in bed, she is an eco-warrior, a die hard romantic and the undisputed winner of all ‘how long can you suck a boiled sweet’ contests on long car journeys. She is a serial creator, a yogi, a bee first aider and there is nothing she can’t make with an ikea fleece blanket and a hot glue gun. When she was small she lived on a desert island in the Pacific with a stray cat called Moggy and semi tame sea heron called Woody (and her parents obviously!).

Dr Hide

The Bournville to Mrs Freckle’s milky bar, Dr Hide is a recovering scientist with an impressive knife collection. Proud to be a complete geek, she walked down the aisle to the Imperial March from Star Wars, travelled round the world solo and did a bungy jump because she didn’t want to be outdone by her husband. Dr Hide likes her food spicy, her rum straight and her men with adamantium claws. Although she is not competitive she likes to win and once made her daughter address her as ‘reigning Dobble champion’ for an entire day after a particularly close fought game. She can skin a sofa with a stanley knife and some killer yoga moves and her spidey senses can detect an old pair of jeans from 50 paces.


Nellie is a hand cranked Singer 201 sewing machine, named after Kat’s grandma who was a seamstress in Aberdeen. She is a dignified elderly lady who approves of twin sets and pearls, afternoon tea, a blue rinse and the constitutional safeguard of a flannel waistcoat.


Mac, Kat’s favourite cutting implement (yes, I know I shouldn’t have favourites!!), is a vintage round knife made by Joseph Dixon in Sheffield. She is the sharpest tool in the tool box so don’t mess with her. Her steely gaze puts fear into the heart of all the sofas and her cutting remarks frequently reduce the other tools to tears.


The token male member of the team is Baxter Bear the wonderdog (he does have a superhero outfit and a cape before you ask – watch out for that blog post). Baxter is Kat’s partner in grime, Dumbledog to her Professor Mumbridge (yes, they all have Harry Potter alter egos. It’s all coming out today!!), battledog to her she-man. He isn’t blessed with many brains, but what he lacks in that department, he makes up for with fur and anal gland secretions. Any help in that area would be MUCH appreciated.

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