Reclaimed leather. 8 out of 10 cows prefer it.

Reclaimed Leather. 8 out of 10 cows prefer it.

Choose bags

Choose bags. Choose wallets. Choose handmade. Choose reclaimed leather. Choose a f@£$*&@ big tote that holds the half bottle of vodka you want to sneak into the pub. Choose bumbags and fanny packs, keyrings, wash bags and purses. Choose who you buy from.

Choose not to buy a cheap handbag that will end up in the bin in a couple of years. Choose to think of the future. Choose a rucksack for all the shit you carry around. Choose a shoulder bag that just holds your lipstick and phone. Choose rainbow stitching and crazy linings, multiple pockets and a comfy strap.

Choose to buy something that will make your best friend jealous and your sister drool.

Choose to have something unique.

Choose Freckle + Hide.

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