Reclaimed leather. 8 out of 10 cows prefer it.

Reclaimed Leather. 8 out of 10 cows prefer it.

MacGyver Bifold Wallet – Dark brown, Tan and Dark Blue


You don’t need to be sporting a mullet to love this bifold wallet!  Made from leather reclaimed and upcycled from old sofas, the MacGyver wallet fits perfectly in your pocket beside your Swiss army knife and roll of duct tape, ready to be whipped out at a moments notice to shield you from a stray bullet or to plug a hole in the the inflatable boat you are using to sneak up on the baddies in the middle of the night.  Deceptively spacious and completely unique, the wallet has a total of 6 slots for bank cards and any ID cards for the clandestine international organisation you work for.  A generous note pocket will also hold the wad of cash you have taken out to donate to your latest pet cause (it’s not all diffusing bombs and evading adversaries you know!!).  The wallet is hand stitched using contrasting waxed linen (environmentally friendly – MacGyver is all about sustainability!) thread so not only will you be prepared (like a good cub scout) but you will look good doing it. 



Closed – Approx width 11.5cm, height 9.3cm and depth 0.8cm. Open – Approx 22cm, height 9.3cm and depth 0.4cm

Leather colour:

Dark brown outside. Tan, dark brown and black inside

Stitching colour:

Yellow waxed linen thread

Eco credentials:

Leather recycled from multiple old sofas




MacGyver Bifold Wallet – Dark brown, Tan and Dark Blue


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